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November 29, 2010

Scandicci welcomes ‘La Città degli Uffizi’ and the Ghirlandaio family

Within the project ‘La Città degli Uffizi‘, remarkable art exhibitions continue within the Florence area, in Italy. The aim of the project is to disclose masterpieces that are usually hidden in the Galleria degli Uffizi‘s deposits, and to connect them to the public and to local territories sourrounding the city of  Florence. Consequently, it is to leverage the tourism and ecomonic asset of  those towns that are often left out from the major mass tourism tours.

From the 21st of November 2010 to the 1st of  May 2011, ‘La Città degli Uffizi‘ welcomes you in Scandicci  at  Castello dell’Acciaiolo with the exhibition GHIRLANDAIO – Una famiglia di pittori del Rinascimento. The Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco with Life Beyond Tourism® are proud promoters of the initiative.
For more information, please visit the official webpage at this link.


August 24, 2010

ICOMOS ISC Theory 2007 in Florence: proceedings available

The Life Beyond Tourism Forum is happy to announce that the  2007 proceedings of the International ConferenceValues and Criteria in Heritage Preservation held with the co-operation of ICOMOS and ICCROM in Florence, March 1.4 2007.

Below, we quote the foreword to the International Conference by Mounir Bouchenaki -Director General ICCROM, Andrzej Tomaszewski – President ICOMOS Theory Committee, and Paolo Del Bianco – President of Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco.
Click here to purchase the proceedings (credit card or bank transfer)
Download here the Table of Contents

The spontaneous and multi-aspectual development over the past few years of an international discussion of the philosophical and theoretical bases of the protection of cultural property gave rise to the declaration of the XII General Assembly of ICOMOS in Xi’an 2005 which called into being the International Scientific Committee on Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration (henceforth ‘ICOMOS Theory Committee’). The main tasks of the Committee were then defined in its statue as follows:

The aim of the Committee – consistent with the aims of ICOMOS international cooperation – is to explore the basis and framework of conservation, restoration and preservation theory and practice in the globalized world. With these developments in mind the Committee would like to reach the ambitious goal of analyzing recent problems and suggest appropriate proposals, perhaps even answers.

The activities of the Committee in the field of conservation and restoration can include:
•  examining the existing corpus of documents and scientific studies,
•  identifying needs and uncovered areas of interest,
•  developing ideas and visions for the future,
•  cooperating with other ICOMOS committees and scientific units of other institutions (such as UNESCO, ICCROM and ICOM) in order to establish an integrated theoretical basis of preservation of cultural heritage.

The first conference organised jointly between the Committee and the international Centre of Culture took place in Cracow in May 2006. The central issue was “Towards a global philosophy of heritage conservation”.

The second conference organized in Florence between the 1 st and 4 th of March 2007 together with the ICOMOS Theory Committee, International Centre of Study for the Conservation and the Restoration of Cultural Property ICCROM and the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco , Florence focused on the Values and criteria in heritage conservation.

This topic received much attention in both theory and practice. The rich variety of values (e.g. from aesthetic and artistic values to utilitarian, material and technical values) of cultural property are perceived and classified differently depending on the cultural zone (factors which have influence on this include cultural traditions and religious beliefs), and udergoing change with time.

Thus the dominated-value perspectives have to consider many factors which together lead finally to the decision of whether or not to list monuments and sights.

Our conference set a beginning to discuss these problems from varied points of views and hopes to encourage an exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Now, thanks to the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco , we are pleased to present to the international circe of conservators this book which collects all the acts of the conference.

August 2, 2010

ICOMOS ISC Theory 2008 in Vienna: proceedings are online

The Life Beyond Tourism Forum is happy to announce that the  2008 proceedings of the International Conference of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee for the Theory and the Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration (23-27 April 2008, Vienna, Austria) are now available!

The publication has been edited by Michael S. Falser, Wilfried Lipp, and Andrzej Tomaszewski – in collaboration with the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco, Florence, Italy in the context of the ethos Life Beyond Tourism under the honorary patronage of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites)

The publication of this volume has been made possible by generous funding of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation)
in the context of the Cluster Of Excellence 270/1 “Asia And Europe In Aglobal Context” Of Heidelberg University.
Editorial Work: Michaels. Falser

Click here for a preview of the proceedings

Click here to purchase the pubblication of the proceedings

July 22, 2010

Costume Colloquium II: Dress for Dance

Interested in costumes, textiles, and fashion? Then you can’t miss Costume Colloquium II: Dress for Dance!!!

A four day conference/event dedicated to the international, interdisciplinary and intercultural themes associated with all aspects of the history of fashion, dress and dance.

Costume Colloquium II: Dress for Dance (, promoted by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation in the context of Life Beyond Tourism and together with the Associazione Amici della Galleria del Costume, will explore the international, interdisciplinary and intercultural themes associated with all aspects of the history of fashion and dress for dance. A wide of variety of presentations will provide participants with in depth knowledge and new information about unpublished research, new creations and/or practical experiments related to the themes of the conference. Parallel to the academic sessions there will be several exclusive events and venues which will give the participants an opportunity to visit never before seen treasures and to network and socialize. The conference is oriented towards, but not exclusively for, costume and dance historians, costume designers, costume makes, museum curators, archivists, textile and costume conservators, dancers and dance re-enactors, fashion and textile houses, fashion designers, antiquarians, theatre, cinema and television costumers, stage designers, choreographers, students of these disciplines and all those fascinated by the history of fashion and dance.

What: Costume Colloquium II: Dress for Dance
When: November 4-7, 2010
Where: Florence, Italy – Auditorium al Duomo Conference Center – Via de’ Cerretani 54r, 50123

Contact Information

Promo Florence Events
Via Del Giglio 10
50123 Firenze – Italia
Tel. +39/055/285588 – fax +39/055/283260

May 20, 2010

Official Presentation of ITKI – International Traditional Knowledge Institute

ITKI Official Presentation in Florence - May 12th, 2010

Promoted by UNESCO, it is recently born ITKI – International Traditional Knowledge Institute.

The Institute will be dedicated to the study and the valorization of traditional knowledge, and traditional techniques: thus, their possible cultural and regional differences; as well as their possible application within contemporary engineering.

For instance, ITKI will collect ancient information and solutions related to the desertification, to water and energy suppies, and to flood’s issues.

The innovative Institute – which can and wants to contribute to the world’s green economy – was officially presented on May 12th, 2010 at the Centro Congressi al Duomo in Florence, Italy. The Centro Congressi al Duomo is  itself member of  Life Beyond Tourism for Intercultural Dialogue, a project aiming to promote intercultural dialogue through a better understanding of  local traditional knowledge and sites.

All ITKI’s Founder Members attended the press conference: Pietro Laureano, UNESCO Consultant and President of IPOGEA; Luciano Bartolini, City Manager of  Bagno a Ripoli, where the Institute’s headquarter will be established; Renzo Crescioli, Florence Town Councillor for the Environment;   Michael Carrington, Director of Nobrega Foundation; Paolo Del Bianco, President of Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco and Promoter of  Life Beyond Tourism for Intercultural Dialogue; Mauro Perini, President of Water Right Foundation.

Moreover, UNESCO Vice-Director Francesco Bandarin took part in the official presentation through a Skype videocall, and said that traditional knowledge and techniques:

“sono un giacimento di possibilità che si vanno perdendo, con l’affermarsi della monocultura del cemento e anche con gli spostamenti di popolazioni. È successo in Italia negli anni ’50, sta succedendo in Cina dove ogni anno 10 milioni di abitanti lasciano i villaggi per concentrarsi nelle aree urbane”.

In conclusion, traditional knowledge is recognized as part of our intangible heritage, and – as Pietro Laureano stated – they become precious elements for the preservation of  the environment, for our future landscape, and for starting the third industrial revolution based on  green economy.

– Post by Alessandra Brignola –

April 21, 2010

View the photos of the International Day for Monuments and Sites in Florence!!

On the 18th of April 2010
ICOMOS Italia, Comune di Firenze, Associazione Città e Siti Italiani Patrimonio Mondiale UNESCO, Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco
have celebrated the International Day for Monuments and Sites in Florence at the Centro Congressi al Duomo!!
Read more here
Watch the videos on You Tube
and view the photos  below:

Opening speech by Marizio Di Stefano, President of ICOMOS Italian Committee

Speech by Carlo Francini, Responsable for the Office for UNESCO Historical Centre of the Florence Municipality (Ufficio Centro Storico UNESCO del Comune di Firenze)

Speakers of the International Day for Monuments and Sites

Maurizio Bossi, Director Gabinetto G.P. Vieusseux

Maria L. Stringa, President Centro UNESCO Firenze

President of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation Paolo Del Bianco in videoconference with ICCROM Vice-Director Maria Teresa Jaquinta

Speech by Claudio Ricci, President of the Associazione italiana Siti UNESCO



Rivivi il successo di Life Beyond Tourism al Salone dell’Arte e del Restauro di Ferrara!


In occasione della XVII Edizione del Salone dell’Arte del Restauro e della Conservazione dei Beni Culturali e Architettonici di Ferrara

Nardini Editore
Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco
Life Beyond Tourism

hanno presentato

La conservazione del Patrimonio e il suo valore per il dialogo interculturale attraverso il turismo: opportunità, collaborazioni e ricerca

unica iniziativa in fiera atta ad approfondire le relazioni e le sinergie esistenti tra la conservazione del patrimonio e  il turismo.
Clicca qui per rivivere gli interventi dei relatori!!


Paolo Del Bianco – Presidente della  Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco e ideatore di Life Beyond Tourism

Carlo Francini – Responsabile Ufficio Centro Storico Patrimonio Mondiale dell’UNESCO del Comune di Firenze, Associazione Siti Italiani Patrimonio Mondiale dell’UNESCO

Con il contributo di
Maurizio Bossi – Direttore del Centro Romantico del Gabinetto Scientifico Letterario G.P. Vieusseux

Mary Westerman Bulgarella – Conservazione di abiti e tessuti e Responsabile del progetto Costume Colloquium

Giovanni Cocco – Direttore Generale ISNART

Carlotta Del Bianco  – Presidente ICOMOS Italia Sezione Giovani e Responsabile del progetto Degree&Profession

Maurizio Di Stefano – Presidente Comitato Nazionale Italiano ICOMOS

Guido Ferrari – Professore di ruolo di Statistica economica per il turismo all’Università di Firenze, Facoltà di Economia

Marc Laenen – già Direttore Generale ICCROM, Membro ICOMOS e ICOM

Sabrina Bisconti – Vice Direttore Hotel Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio

Con la partecipazione di:
Ennio Bazzoni – Direttore editoriale Nardini Editore

March 24, 2010

Heritage Preservation with Life Beyond Tourism

Within the agenda of the Salone dell’Arte del Restauro in Ferrara, Italy, the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco Life Beyond Tourism, and Nardini Editore will held the round table

Heritage Preservation and its significance as a tool to foster intercultural dialogue through tourism: opportunities, joined projects and research

Examples of practical conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage,  will be explored in order to provide  opportunities for the young generation. Heritage will be viewed as the basis of knowledge, thus of international mobility and cultural tourism.

Starting from the best practices of  Life Beyond Tourism (international directory, social networking and ‘Game’-Delegates of the University), international institutions, local and national authorities, universities, professionals and operators will explore and discuss on joined projects,  opportunities, collaborations, and new preservation approaches.

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