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February 14, 2011

New Opportunities of Tourism and Investment in Georgia

New Opportunities of Tourism and Investment in Georgia
by Giuli Alasania, 2011
Black Sea International University, Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia is the world’s leading reformer. Country’s impressive progress in improving business climate has been well documented in a number of international indices. Located at the crossroads of Europe and Central Asia, Georgia is a bridge connecting several important economic regions with a total population of more then 827 million people. It is a key link in the shortest transit route between Western Europe and Central Asia for transportation of oil and gas as well as dry cargo. The consistent macroeconomic policies, burst of entrepreneurial activity, growth in domestic consumption, rehabilitation of infrastructure and export growth are producing strong economic growth and make  the  stable macroeconomic environment for investment. Liberal trade regimes which include low tariffs, streamlined border clearance procedures, free industrial zones, simplified licensing and permitting procedures are those opportunities that Georgia suggests to foreign investors.
Apart from  the economic increase Georgia made a rapid growth in Tourism sector. There is a variety of possibilities to invest in tourism in Georgia starting from the Sea resorts, continuing to mountain , skiing, mineral waters and healthy, cultural and other type of tourism. Almost all regions of Georgia are rich with sight-seeing.
All those opportunities suggested by government make Georgia profitable for investment. These steps strengthens Georgia’s economy, drives it to  make  further democratic and economic reforms for European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

ELAICH – Educational Linkage Approach In Cultural Heritage

Heritage Education and Tourism
by Dr. Anna lobovikov-Katz, 2011
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
ELAICH Coordinator

ELAICH is a EU-funded Project in the framework of Euromed Heritage 4 Programme, and it is aimed at awareness raising among the general public, and especially youth in cultural heritage, its values and its preservation and conservation. The project was started on February 1, 2009, and is to be concluded in 2012. The ELAICH multi-disciplinary international team is leaded by the Technion – Israel Institute of  Technology, and includes conservation experts from four Universities: University of Antwerp, NTUA – National Technical University of Athens, University of Malta and University Ca’ Foscari of Venice.
During the two years since the start of the project period, the ELAICH international team has developed an innovative educational approach, based on both research and teaching experience of its partners, and applied through lessons in class, laboratory exercises, in-situ “intellectual” and e-learning support.
The ELAICH course through its short and long versions, provides an introduction into the contemporary interdisciplinary field of the conservation of monuments, while it’s important focal point is developing a basic ability of on-site understanding of a historic building/ site, with a view of a possible future contribution of the ELAICH students to preservation of cultural (built) heritage, and especially on its post-conservation intervention stage – the stage of maintenance and monitoring.
Basic abilities  of understanding and perception of historic buildings, might be used by the ELAICH students in their everyday life in their immediate built and natural environment and their own cultural heritage, e.g. their schools,  homes and other buildings. Furthermore, they could apply it also during their vacations e.g. towards the cultural heritage of countries and regions other than their own.  At this point, the former/current ELAICH students could become a “contributing tourists” – contributing to the preservation of the other countries’ cultural heritage, e.g. through reporting deterioration phenomena observed by them at a historic site, etc.
During the project period, ELAICH partners actually teach in the ELAICH courses in Greece, Israel, Malta, Italy, Turkey and other Mediterranean countries. By the end of the project period, the ELAICH toolkit will be provided through the e-platform, and translations will be provided in several local Mediterranean languages, in addition to the English version. This will make it accessible to users in different countries, and facilitate awareness raising in cultural heritage and its preservation among the general public.

March 24, 2010

Heritage Preservation with Life Beyond Tourism

Within the agenda of the Salone dell’Arte del Restauro in Ferrara, Italy, the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco Life Beyond Tourism, and Nardini Editore will held the round table

Heritage Preservation and its significance as a tool to foster intercultural dialogue through tourism: opportunities, joined projects and research

Examples of practical conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage,  will be explored in order to provide  opportunities for the young generation. Heritage will be viewed as the basis of knowledge, thus of international mobility and cultural tourism.

Starting from the best practices of  Life Beyond Tourism (international directory, social networking and ‘Game’-Delegates of the University), international institutions, local and national authorities, universities, professionals and operators will explore and discuss on joined projects,  opportunities, collaborations, and new preservation approaches.

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